Assess the situation, obtain the other driver’s details and report the accident to police within 24 hours if someone is injured.
Contact your insurance company who will talk you through the process to lodge a claim. Once you receive a claim number, contact Busy Body. Alternatively Busy Body is more than happy to help you with this process.
You as the customer have the right to choose which every repairer you wish to use.
Arrange to bring your vehicle in, we will assess the damage, take digital images and provide a free estimate for the necessary repairs. We then provide a copy to your insurance company together with photos of the damaged vehicle. Depending on which insurance company you are with, the assessor will approve repairs from the photos or may wish to view your vehicle.
The insurance company will tell us how much your excess is. You will pay it to us when you pick up the vehicle.
Yes we can.  You drop the vehicle off and we will take care of all the repair needed.  We have a strong list of contractors that are very experienced.
Once we have received written authorisation from your insurance company, we will order any parts required. When parts are received, we will contact you and book your vehicle in to be repaired.
Busy Body will provide a free, no obligation quote for any extra private work which can be completed at the same time.
Busy Body will contact you and arrange a suitable time for collection of your vehicle.
Yes we can.  We will have our designers design something original and modern. We get the design signed off by you before we start any work.  We are also able to give you a full quote for the work. If you do not proceed with the work, it will incur a design fee.
Yes, we accept all major credit cards, Q card & Farmers card, with a 3% surcharge. We can also accept up to 25% of your account on Barter Card.